Top 10 Email Marketing Tools for Middle East Region (UAE, Saudi Arabia , Kuwait , Oman Etc.)

Top 10 Email Marketing Tools in the Middle East

Importance of Email Marketing in Middle East:

Email is among the most traditional digital communication methods, but it’s also one of the best digital marketing techniques available. Email marketing is the most lucrative and economical direct marketing method with an average return on investment.

Businesses can update their clients’ contact lists about new products, sales, and other information using email marketing, a direct marketing method. Because of its significant ROI, most firms’ entire inbound strategy relies on it. Modern email marketing strongly emphasizes consent, segmentation, and customization rather than mass mailings that are one size fits all. Although it may seem time-consuming, marketing automation does most of the labor-intensive work for the client. In the long run, a successful email marketing approach increases sales and fosters brand community.

Simply put, Email Marketing is a marketing approach in which companies send out promotional emails to large numbers of people. It is often utilized to increase sales by disseminating promotional offers, cultivating leads, or boosting the effectiveness of content marketing initiatives.

Businesses prevailing in the Middle Eastern Region


The Middle East’s retail industry has a growth narrative to be envied. These consumers have substantial purchasing power and significant disposable incomes. They get their supplies from various retail establishments, from the little neighborhood grocer to enormous hypermarkets with thousands of square feet of space.

One of the best marketing avenues for retailers is unquestionably email. It not only enables you to advertise and sell your goods, but it also aids in the formation of enduring bonds with your clients. These connections encourage brand loyalty and the development of brand advocates among your customers. It’s easy to use email marketing for retailers. Simply learn and practice the most acceptable methods for contemporary retail email marketing. Additionally, you need to unlearn and get rid of any outdated or unproductive email marketing strategies.

Software services:

One of the critical elements driving demand for the Middle East SaaS market is the growing government initiatives and digital transformation in the region, particularly in countries like the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait. Other factors influencing the growth of the SaaS market in Middle Eastern nations include the region’s rapid adoption of cloud computing, followed by a considerable movement away from the old on-premises approach and toward the software-as-a-service model.

Your software business can benefit from email marketing, including lead generation and updating clients about new product introductions. Software companies can profit from and use email marketing in various ways. You may target your messaging to multiple audience segments, and it’s a cheap approach to reach your audience.


The good news for those hoping to grow in the hospitality sector is that numerous significant brands have some of their most prosperous locations in the Middle East. For instance, three of P.F. Chang’s ten best-performing outlets are in this region. The oil-rich, wealthy Middle Eastern nations have a growing local and ex-pat population, low labor costs, and a preference for American and Western products. You have the ideal combination for a focused and enthusiastic customer for the hotel and tourism business when you combine that with the highly constrained range of entertainment options in some countries.

Fewer visitors are looking for accommodations, so hotels must develop creative, inexpensive strategies to attract new guests. The solution is email marketing for hotels. The finest digital marketing tool for promoting hotels, fostering future customers, up-selling and cross-selling rooms, and maintaining contact with past visitors long after their stay is email.

Real Estate:

In the Middle East, real estate has long been a crucial economic sector and preferred investment due to the region’s robust population and GDP growth, excellent demand fundamentals, and excess money from oil. Many local governments have established sizable national real estate development champions and pushed to develop ambitious mega-cities and urban developments because they recognize the importance of real estate development in shaping their developing economies and acting as a catalyst for growth and economic diversification by reducing reliance on oil.

Relationships still dominate the real estate industry even after the final transaction. Your customer base can be nurtured through email marketing so that they return to you for their next purchase and/or recommend you to their network. By quickly acquiring new leads and clients, cultivating enduring relationships with your community, increasing your sales with well-timed emails, and performing a host of other tasks, email marketing software will provide you with the structure and efficiency you need to successfully run your real estate business.

Why choose Email Marketing Tool?

One can increase sales at a minimal cost by interacting with and reaching out to your target audience with an effective email marketing strategy. Just as other platforms and media have changed, email marketing solutions simplify your organization’s engagement with customers.

For less than a penny for each message, you can communicate with a sizable audience of customers. The cost per conversion for email marketing is pretty low.

Marketers today recognize the need for an efficient email strategy and sticking to a budget. Brands require their marketing channels to generate leads and influence return on investment because every marketing dollar must impact both small and large organizations.

You can create an email campaign that generates ROI with a clever approach, software, and a little grit. However, there are start-up expenses to consider when creating an email list.

The cost of email marketing depends on what you need it to be. Your business’s email requirements will expand along with it. You can usually upgrade and expand your package as necessary on email systems. A mid-sized company can anticipate spending, on average, between USD 0 to USD 1000, depending on the platform and subscriber count.

What to look for while choosing an Email Marketing Tool?

  • Tools for email marketing should be simple to use
    One of the critical characteristics that marketers should look for in an email marketing platform is its simplicity of use. Ingenious and well-designed solutions work together to create simple software yet can do a lot for the user. Easy-to-use email marketing platforms typically feature a straightforward design and a solid understanding of the necessary workflow.
  • Personalization
    Personalization is a feature every marketing tool should have because it is based on the premise that every user wants and values material created just for them. Thankfully, the majority of email marketing solutions available today allow customers to produce relatively personalized newsletters.
  • Spam Compliance Rules and Setup
    As regulators strive to protect us from clogged inboxes and junk mail, spam compliance regulations are becoming more stringent. To ensure that your emails don’t land in the junk mail inbox, you need a tool to walk you through the necessary steps. Determine when the company’s spam compliance was last updated and ensure that they remain current.
  • Email deliverability
    Organizations can track and optimize email campaigns with the help of email deliverability software to improve recipients’ inbox placement and reputation. These technologies are helpful in marketing and sales campaigns since they ensure that emails don’t end up in spam folders and are purposefully made to look genuine, increasing open rates and conversion chances. Email deliverability systems are widely used by organizational teams and email marketers who send bulk emails to contact lists and prospects.

Below is the top 10 Email Marketing Tools that can aid you in developing your business:

Email Marketing Tool Starting Price Available Volume Subscriber List
MailChimp AED 52 6,000 500
ActiveCampaign AED 107 Unlimited 1000
SendinBlue AED 92 20K Unlimited
MailModo AED 270 75,000 40,000
Sendgrid AED 73 50,000 NA
ConvertKit AED33 Unlimited 300
AWeber AED 61 Unlimited 500
GetResponse AED 57 Unlimited 1000
SendClean AED 22 10,000 Unlimited
Salesforce Pardot Custom Custom NA

*Pricing is converted from USD to AED for reference purpose on 28th Sept 2022 . For accurate pricing and detailed understanding please refer individual websites.


Mailchimp is the finest email marketing software because it includes the capabilities that most businesses require without being unduly tricky or confusing. Campaigns may be planned, A/B tested, and reports including open rates, click-through rates, unsubscribe rates, and other metrics can be obtained. Additionally, it offers the software’s most generous free-for-ever programs.


The finest email marketing software for automation is ActiveCampaign, which includes an extensive library of pre-built automation that makes it easy to tailor campaigns to the needs of each subscriber. As you set up the platform, help manuals are available everywhere, and ActiveCampaign offers prompt, courteous customer service.


With enhanced template design, expanded automation, and a built-in CRM substantial enough to satisfy many small firms, Sendinblue has developed beyond email marketing into a more all-encompassing marketing hub. Sendinblue is an excellent partner for small to midsize organizations wishing to start email marketing. Sendinblue is continually growing its business, so if you sign up, you could be surprised by the enhancements it offers.


With the help of Mailmodo, users can develop and send interactive emails that resemble mobile apps, increasing email conversion rates. This prevents user redirections for a smoother email experience and improves conversion rates because all interactions take place inside the email.


A very straightforward email and digital marketing solution, Twilio SendGrid Marketing Campaigns are based on a dependable and highly scalable MTA service infrastructure. SendGrid focuses on medium companies that wish to run effective campaigns. Twilio asserts that it routinely maintains excellent performance and reliability when processing annual email quantities in the trillions, which few competitors can match. Integrated A/B testing is also part of it.


ConvertKit uses user-friendly email marketing software to help businesses connect with their customers and expand. It is one of the fastest-growing email marketing companies due to its features like automation and ease of use. Additionally, it provides editable landing pages and sign-up forms to increase the number of email subscribers.


With the help of the user-friendly email marketing tool AWeber, business owners and entrepreneurs may build relationships with their clients. The fact that both subscribed and unsubscribed contacts count as ‘billable’ subscribers are essential concerning AWeber pricing. This implies that you will be paid for maintaining someone’s information in your AWeber account even if they unsubscribe from your list.


GetResponse is a straightforward email marketing competitor with a simple, albeit sparse, user interface. It is an appropriate starting point for businesses new to digital marketing due to its relatively flat learning curve. Additionally, it provides e-commerce functionalities and a wide range of third-party software connections.
It’s simple to use and offers enough features to meet the needs of the majority of small business marketers. A different solution might be more appropriate for you if you anticipate a large amount of mail or the need to automate complex operations.


SendClean now part of Route Mobile offers email automation, and transactional emails a. Every email you send out is white-labeled by Send Clean, keeping it out of spam folders. You can up your email marketing game to a whole new level with the help of SendClean service, a while label automation tool. With transaction email, you’ll be able to improve client engagement while boosting ROI.

10.Salesforce Pardot

Salesforce Pardot is the industry leader in martech automation and email marketing, primarily because it combines a simple interface with many in-depth features, including many integration possibilities and AI-powered analytics. It provides everything you need to carry out email campaigns because it is a full-service marketing automation solution. AI-based decision-making tools, social media integration, and a sophisticated user experience will benefit you.

By now, you have got the idea on how powerful and effective email marketing is. And when it comes to Middle East, this strategy can take your business to new heights!

With such a huge customer base just waiting for your product or service, there is no stopping why you should use email marketing. All that you need now is a good lead-generator and some patience! Subscribe to keep yourself updated with all the latest insights from this industry then start working on bettering your sales figures with email marketing!