TikTok and New York Yankees Enter Into 3-Year Deal

TikTok and New York Yankees Enter Into 3-Year Deal

Logo by Tiktok as seen on the Website.

TikTok has entered a three-year deal with the New York Yankees. To build a deeper connection between baseball fans and the game, TikTok has teamed up with the YES Network and the New York Yankees. It will join as a sponsor and pay $10000000 ($10 million) through the three years to the New York Yankees and its pay-TV sports network for promotional spots and signage at the Yankee Stadium.

According to reports, the Yankees will also be provided with team-branded content on the social media platform. This partnership offers TikTok the opportunity to expand its reach to U.S. sports fans, specifically in New York, which happens to be the largest metropolitan area. In the time of a global pandemic that has either canceled or postponed almost every professional sporting event, the demand for online sports content serves as an excellent opportunity for TikTok to rake up its number of users.

In the announcement, Harish Sarma, Global Strategic Partnerships & Corporate Development, TikTok, said, “Sports are an important part of the content experience on TikTok. We’re looking forward to bringing the joy of the Yankees to fans across our platform.” On the other hand, Michael J. Tusiani, New York Yankees senior vice president of Partnerships, said, “Being able to provide prominent TikTok signage to our audience and engage within TikTok’s popular, forward-leaning platform will undoubtedly generate unique opportunities to connect with our younger fans,”

It is also an opportunity for TikTok to build on the users they have lost due to various political hurdles. Major League baseball was hosted without live audiences; we worship 34% from the previous year according to ESPN data. The inability to attend games in-person or even in some local bars has noted sports consumers are resorting to social networks and online platforms. This is all to keep up with the contests while People watch from the comfort of their homes. According to the announcement, the New York Yankees have already gained the attention of more than 100,000 TikTok users. The partnership is only set to increase the number of that audience and propel online discussions about the team.

Starting September 20th, the Trump administration has introduced an executive order that prohibits companies of the U.S. from participating in any transactions with TikTok and its Parent company, ByteDance. Microsoft has been involved in discussions to acquire the U.S. business of TikTok. While the longevity of the application in the U.S. is a doubt due to its China-based parent company, the new partnership between TikTok and the Yankees could be equally beneficial to both.