Publift Partners With LiveRamp to Leverage its ATS Solution

Publift Partners With LiveRamp to Leverage its ATS Solution

Logo by Publift as seen on the Website. 

Publift has announced its partnership with LiveRamp to endorse its cookieless Authenticated Traffic Solution (ATS). This effectively makes Publift Australia’s first publisher monetization platform that provides addressable programmatic marketing without third-party cookies. With the help of ATS, Publift delivers marketing solutions that are cookieless to small and medium-sized publishers. This allows the publishers to connect their first-party data seamlessly with marketer demand.

Logo by LiveRamp as seen on the Website. 

Publift is also the only Google Certified Publishing Partner in Australia and New Zealand with a decent number of small and medium-sized publishers. These publishers include the likes of NRL, Man of Many, Concrete Playground, The New Daily, and Weatherzone. Melanie Hoptman, LiveRamp COO APAC, has stated that LiveRamp has been working closely with Publift to make sure that the publishers across Australia have access to the latest technologies and are well-prepped for the cookieless era.

As per Melanie Hoptman, “There is a prevailing misconception in the industry that smaller publishers, with smaller numbers of authenticated traffic, don’t stand to benefit as much from solutions like ATS. But that is categorically untrue. It’s been our observation that even publishers with single-digit percentages of logged-in users gain greater share to previously non-addressable CPMs. This translates to new revenue opportunities that maybe quadruple what they saw before.”

ATS Solution
Logo by ATS Solutions Co. Ltd. as seen on the Website. 

ATS enables publishers to match LiveRamp’s pseudonymous, people-based identifier to authenticated user data, which allows for end-to-end addressability. This will enable publishers to increase their value to advertisers by eliminating data loss and providing deterministic audience targeting. The execution of these processes, with the implementation of ATS, is based on a privacy-first manner.

According to Publift CEO Colm Dolan, “Small and medium-sized publishers play a vital role in delivering quality news and content to Australians. Many of our customers often feel as though they are playing catch up with the big industry players and do not have the same access to resources specially designed to fit their needs, whether it’s their business model or their ability to or evolve with changing privacy and technology innovation. It is our job to continue to give these publishers a voice and develop solutions and strategies to sustain their businesses now and in the future.”

Companies such as Publift need to invest and provide their customers with advanced solutions. ATS allows Publift to help its customers gain maximum value from their inventory. One such example is Man of Many, the largest men’s lifestyle website in Australia. According to the co-founder of Man of Many, Scott Purcell, “We see upward of three to four million global unique visitors each month. It’s an audience that trusts us to help them discover the best brands and products to fit their lifestyle.” He says, “It’s a win-win: we can optimize our inventory to entice marketers, and at the same time, improve and preserve the reader’s experience.”