Call Analytics Platforms

Call Analytics Platforms

Many companies rely on phone calls, which form an integral part of their everyday processes while communicating with customers and prospects. Analyzing the data from these phone calls is no easy task. Businesses that use call tracking and recording software collect tons of data daily. Call data generally has no structural integrity, and putting this data for better decisions is nearly impossible.

To ease the process of call analysis, businesses can make use of call tracking software. A little work put into this can provide businesses with a permanent solution for call optimization.

What Is Call Analytics?

Call analytics takes data such as phrases and keywords from telephonic conversations to interpret them. Along with timing and delivery, call analytics also considers call context. Businesses generally do not know the value that their calls hold until they have a call analytics software in place.

A complete call analysis provides the following information.

  • How interested the prospect is in a product or service
  • When your advertisement triggers a call
  • The efficiency of employees while handling calls
  • The general idea of a telephonic conversation

In today’s competitive environment, businesses need to listen to their customers carefully. Call data holds invaluable secrets that generate better sales and healthier process outcomes. The transformation of raw data into actionable insights is termed as call analytics. It gives businesses the tools they need to transform basic telephonic information into actual results.

Importance of Call Analytics

With call analysis, brands know where they need to focus their marketing efforts and where they gain the most traffic, calls, and investments. Call analytics provides brands with information that is even more critical than call tracking. Despite being essential for a brand to know the source of a generated call, it is even more critical to understand the conversation that takes place during the call.

Brands need to know whether their sales teams are using effective sales techniques during these calls to close deals. Call tracking providing essential information to brands. However, it is a thing of the past. New-age marketers make use of advanced call analytics processes to increase sales and convert prospects into customers.

Standard Features and Functions of Call Analytics Softwares

  • Call analytics software can identify, monitor, block, and block suspicious call patterns to prevent incoming call fraud, allows companies to assign unique phone numbers and web codes to their online and offline marketing campaigns.
  • They can also track and follow incoming calls at keyword, campaign, and channel levels to identify the most profitable sources.
  • Call analytics provides businesses with real-time data on the number of calls, the frequency, duration of each call, and call type.
  • With call tracking, you know strictly which advertising platforms send you the best leads and improve your conversion rates.
  • Along with other data from your CRM system, the responses are tracked and rated as leading caller drivers.
  • With call tracking, you can make your marketing ROI visible in real-time, directly from the call center or in your CRM system, and it makes your marketing ROI visible.
  • Each call is recorded and transcribed to determine call quality and monitor the performance of agents.
  • Keyword-level tracking of calls leads back to keywords clicked by site visitors, allowing marketers to view the entire clickstream before and after each call.
  • Marketers can measure marketing sources, channels, locations, and more using a unique, trackable phone number.
  • Track your phone numbers locally, freely, or in real-time via your CRM system or call center with call tracking.
  • Call analytics enables the integration of online and offline messaging at a fundamental level using tracking and analysis software.
  • Using a built-in tracking code, you can learn more about the keywords that callers bring to you in the first place, and how to get those keywords back from the caller in time for their next call.
  • Similar to emotion analysis on social media, Conversation Analytics, by Convirza, uses natural speech programming to perform speech analysis of spoken words and phrases that detect signals of conversion intentions.
  • One of the critical features of Signal AI’s call tracking platform, by Invoca, is that it integrates seamlessly with existing marketing platforms such as Facebook Messenger, Twitter, and other social media platforms.

Benefits of Call Analytics

Benefits of Call Analytics
By now, you’re probably just beginning to understand the value of call analytics. However, if you are still wondering how it will benefit your company, here are the advantages that call analytics could offer.

  • Get to Know Your Business

Call analytics allow business owners to pinpoint the exact time of the day when they receive the most calls, or which season they have the most demand. This provides owners with insights to see when their employees are busy and accordingly allocate resources.

  • Real-Time Insights

Despite having a detailed calling strategy in place, many businesses make mistakes and need to rework their plan. Problems arise with business is experiencing a loss of quality, drops in bandwidth, or other such issues. Real-time data allows businesses to view call traffic and agent activity while also enabling businesses to instantly to problems.
With the help of call analytics, brands can retrieve missed calls and reduce revenue loss. Other than merely showing areas of improvement, some platforms also provide brands with the power to pivot and adapt to the situation.

  • Track Growth

Call analytics platforms can provide businesses with detailed information at multiple levels, increasing overall brand performance. These platforms tell you which strategies and campaigns are working and provide Useful information to share with stakeholders.

  • Enhanced Customer Experience

As call analytics platforms allow brands to find out areas of improvement in their current customer service strategy, they recognize friction points in the customer journey, making it difficult for the audience to interact with the brand. This enables brands to make changes in the process and enhance the customer experience.

Difference Between Call Tracking and Call Analytics

Call tracking has been around for a long time now, and despite there being several call tracking vendors, very few offer advanced call analytics. With call tracking, marketers can trace the source of the phone call and show them whether they are getting more calls from their website, PPC campaigns, email campaigns, or other sources. It also helps brands discover which organic search terms bring in traffic.

Call analytics is different as it makes use of artificial intelligence. Call analytics tracks what happens during the phone call and is based on the Phrases and keywords spoken at this time. Instead of providing source data of a call, it provides an in-depth understanding of what happens during a call. Call analytics provides behavioral data and demographic information and allows brands to download, analyze, score, tag, and comment for each received call.

Businesses can now find and refer back to any call with social media-inspired commenting and tagging abilities. This is especially useful when business owners want to demonstrate an example of a good sale closed by an employee. Call analytics allows the development of customized scorecards to rank different calls and separate the good calls from the bad ones.


Call analytics platforms are utilized by many businesses today, and that is the difference between competitors in a market, with one performing miles better than the others. The data from calls helps identify which platforms, publishers, and keyword channels generate a higher number of customer calls and can also help marketers develop more informed strategies. The goal is to optimize the keywords that trigger the most productive calls and the marketing strategy for each of these keywords.