Google Brings in New Ad Buying Tools to Simplify Campaigns


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Google recently introduced product updates to the Google Ads buying platform focused on real-time insights and machine learning. These new product updates are specifically intended to simplify processes across its many properties. While advertisers often purchase these Google properties, including the likes of YouTube, display ads, and search, there hasn’t been a simple way to optimize across such purchases until now. Google has begun offering automated campaigns in individual verticals, such as for businesses with physical stores, retailers, and app marketers.

Performance Max Campaigns

The all-new Performance Campaigns bring those capabilities to marketers by enabling them to purchase fully automated campaigns, whether on YouTube or Google ads. With this, brands can now optimize against business performance goals or reach, including online or offline sales and lead generation.

While Performance Max is still in its alpha testing stages, the beta stage will be made available to more brands somewhere around the next year. It is also interesting to note that these campaigns can extend across every Google property other than search. VP and GM, Google Ads, Jerry Dischler, has said that the tool possesses the most significant reach of any campaign that Google has developed as yet. Advertisers want to purchase across Google in a more straightforward manner that is aligned with business goals.

Google allows advertisers to upload their first-party data to drive Performance Max campaigns and, in turn, meet business objectives. These campaigns also provide businesses with enhanced reporting of Google’s machine learning and how it drives business results. This system also provides suggestions as to which combinations of creative and messaging can deliver the best outcomes. Brands only need to share their media assets and business goals with Google, after which Google does the heavy lifting.

Real-Time Insights

Google Ads has also announced that it will be rolling out a brand-new insights page that provides custom analytics specific to each organization’s category and business goals. Google has taken care to design this page as a one-stop-shop for competitive insights about audiences. It is estimated that the beta stage of the product will be available later this year.

The insights page provides users with a recommendation feature that helps optimize search and paid media spends against emerging trends. The insights page was notably launched after noticing the speed at which businesses were required to pivot due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Video Ads Campaigns

Among all of these updates, Google has also stated that it will work on video action campaigns through YouTube video ads. These campaigns will get customers to act on video advertisements in different manners and drive performance goals. Google is currently testing, bringing the tool to the living room due to the increased viewing on YouTube through connected TV. This test is aimed at blending performance and brand advertising to garner direct responses from the living room.