Google Announces Google Workspace; Gives Gmail a New Look


Google has launched the Google workplace couple of days back, which essentially is a new umbrella name that houses its productivity applications. What’s interesting about this rebrand is that Google also provided an update to Gmail’s classic red envelope logo.

As many would point out, and rightly so, Google Workspace is a complete rebrand and repositioning of G Suite. So, the question remains, what makes this change an important one? First, while G Suite was productive and useful, most people couldn’t quite relate to it. Hence, Google Workspace! The name itself is a reminder that while physical workspaces aren’t outdated just yet, most of our communications, whether business or personal, are online.

Google Workspace has repeatedly been described as “everything you need to get done, now in one place.” And this is undoubtedly true as Google Workspace houses every productivity app from Google, such as Drive, Sheets, Docs, Calendar, Gmail, Meet, and Slides, among others. One possible primary purpose of this merging of apps into a central space could be to compete with Microsoft Outlook and Office.

Along with the central location for these applications, the rebrand also provides an update on a few of these applications’ appearance and functions. The noteworthy change is the new Gmail logo, a soft M that comprises Google’s core colors of red, yellow, blue, and green. Other than Gmail, apps such as Docs, Calendar, Meets, and Sheets also have updated logos similar to Gmail’s.

Logo as seen on the CreativeReview.

Although the UI of these individual applications largely remains the same, the aim is to integrate these apps in a manner in which they can be used within each other. Google has spent around a decade in trying to create applications that solve challenges and increase productivity. While encouraging the utilization of these apps, Google Workspace also portrays the best of its new and improved flexibility.