Interactive Marketing

Interactive Marketing: Why Your Business Needs Customer Interaction to Grow

Interactive Marketing (IM) is a marketing approach that requires the direct participation of the end-user in the campaign. It is a 1:1 marketing practice...
Earned Media

Earned Media: Publicity Speaks Louder than a Marketing Slogan

Before I begin, a fun fact: the origin of earned media traces back to pre-internet times (yes, there was a time like that). You...
Programmatic advertising is the backbone of the Adtech ecosystem, which holds DSPs, SSPs, ad exchanges closely-together

Programmatic Advertising: Dive into the Future of Online Advertising

Imagine walking into a bookstore and realizing that a shelf has already been arranged with Stephen King books that you always wanted to read....
Data Management Platforms

Data Management Platforms: How It Works Perfectly for Your Brand

In the advertising world, the data management platform is everything. And no wonder we need an efficient platform to manage and utilize data for...